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We all have dreams. What started out as a casual sharing between like-minded friends on their aspirations quickly evolved to something more serious. Wanting to see to the fruition of their dreams about representing promising designers and eco-conscious brands in Asia, and especially having more sustainable, ethical products that skew towards zero waste in our retail scene, they quickly put their mind to work. Two months later, Lusso inLove (L'iL) was born 

L'iL is proud to showcase few of the best artisanal and organic Asian & Oceania brands. We stay true to our beliefs that every item we have is timeless, uniquely captivating and a purposeful creation. We remain conscientious about sourcing for eco-friendly products that are sustainable, with responsible production and fair trade practices.

At L'iL, it's luxury made affordable. Shop with us and you'll find something that sparks joy!

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